Brighter Sun was built on passion, and a desire for change in the industry. You are in control every step of the way whilst making your funding go further.



from our CEO - Ben Feenan

Our mission is to provide person- centred care of the highest quality, whilst making sure you get the most out of your funding. We're priced at well under the NDIS price cap, and are amongst one of the first services to offer a rewards system. We want your funding to go further, so you don't miss out on the support you need. We know very well the pains of running out of funding right when you need it. 

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Brighter Sun was created out of determination to see more power given to those with disabilities and getting rewarded for choice.

Our story starts with Ben Feenan, who grew up alongside a mother who dedicated her to life caring for individuals, first aged-care and now disability. He was exposed to such a rewarding career from an early age, and had many interactions over the years. In 2017, he got his first job as a Disability Support worker, and quickly created strong bonds with the clients he supported. They changed his life, and he has made it his life long mission to raise awareness and educate individuals and businesses on disabilities. 

This mission brought to life Brighter Sun with the intent to put it's users in control and change how others receive care. We know the value of care. The right support is about finding the right support worker, and we are committed to doing just that.